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SSL Certificates - Secure Your Website

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With the need for all companies to comply with the new EU GDPR regulations & Google penalising websites that do not secure customer information that is transmitted from contact pages and other forms on your website it is important, now more than ever, that you deploy a SSL cert on your website to secure and encrypt yours and your customers data

A SSL certificate secures contact areas on your web site, email or to protect e-commerce transactions

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Other Features:

  • 1. Confirmation that the company represented by the domain being visited ( is the company listed on the certificate. This prevents someone from impersonating your web site and accepting payments dishonestly
  • 2. Confidential information i.e. customer information & credit card details are sent from the visitor's web browser to your website in a secure fashion using encryption that prevents the data from being intercepted by a hacker.
  • 3. Demonstrates that you take your customers security seriously - SSL Adds a level of trust between the visitor and the web site by ensuring that the transfer of data will be encrypted and secure.

We provide a low cost Secure SSL certificate -

2. €69.99 per yr A low cost SSL certificate (including installation, cannot be transferred or cancelled once installed)

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You can also purchase a professional level SSL certificate and dedicated IP address(which is required for the professional certificate to function properly) by clicking here

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